Salsa/Mambo DVD Testimonials


Salsa/Mambo DVD & Video Customer Testimonials

Store Rating, Price, Shipping Options, Delivery, Ease of Purchase, Customer Service, all rated: Excellent

Very nice service. Easy to follows instructions. Fast delivery. Products arrived very well packed. Will do business with them again.
Jorge Maisonet - Puerto Rico

Store Rating: Excellent

I bought the Advanced Salsa DVD, I received it on time and in good condition. About DVD, I like it a lot, they show nice salsa steps and they teach them in a easy way. I recommend this DVD and I will buy another after learning it. I think the relation between price and DVD contents is good.
  Jorge Santander - ViŮa del Mar, Chile

Store Rating: Excellent

The transaction was fast and excellent.
  Peter Mbonu - The Netherlands

Store Rating: Excellent

The dancing video dvds are very good. They teach you many different steps.
Some other venders products only teach you a few steps,
not enough to go on to the dancing floor.
(Larry bought all 4 Salsa DVD's & the Hustle & Swing DVD's)
Larry Choi - Bristol, Connecticut

Store Rating, Price, Shipping Options, Delivery, Ease of Purchase, Customer Service, all rated: Excellent
Your DVDs are an excellent solution for those who need more time to learn the salsa. The teachers are very clear and the price is a give away. So thank you very much for a quick shipping of my order.
J. Laturette - The Netherlands

Hello there, the items have arrived in good condition. The quality of the DVDs is really excellent and very helpful for me to learn and dance Salsa. Thanks for fast shipping. Hope the dance program on DVD will be continued. Regards.
Roland Damke - Freigericht, Germany

Hi, I'm from Chicago and I'm very pleased with your products. Your Salsa DVD's are so easy to follow. I believe that after a few days of practice I should be able to move with a lot more coordination and style, thank you for taking the time to do these videos and that you do a lot more.
Dennis Ford - Chicago, Illinois

Store Rating, Price, Shipping Options, Delivery, Ease of Purchase, Customer Service, all rated: Excellent
I love the dance DVD's from Artistic Visions. They got here on time and were so easy to order. I'm going to order more from them after the holiday.
Christopher Burns - Flushing, New York

Store Rating, Price, Shipping Options, Delivery, Ease of Purchase, Customer Service, all rated: Excellent
I ordered the 4 Salsa DVDs from Artistic Visions at a phenomenal price.
Their website was very easy to navigate. I had a question that their customer service department could not answer so I left my name and telephone number expecting no return phone call. Within 1 hour Artistic Visions had returned my call and answered my question. Their service is fabulous. The processing and shipping was unbeatable. I ordered on Monday before the Thanksgiving holiday and my package arrived that Friday. Absolutely fabulous.
I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Rosa Gaston - Bronx, New York

I think your "Red Hot Salsa" instructional DVDs are excellent! Ron and Bethana's method of teaching is easy to understand and follow, and they are just great to watch. The DVD's menu feature, which makes it so easy to go back and forth to practice certain steps is a great help. Thank you so much!
Satoko Maruyama - Yokohama, Japan

Hi, I received the DVDs last Monday. They are so beautiful, I'm going to learn very gorgeous salsa movements and I will become the best dancer in my city!!

Thanks for all!!
David Mignatti - Sanremo, Italy

Store Rating, Price, Shipping Options, Delivery, Ease of Purchase, Customer Service, all rated: Excellent
I bought the Salsa, Swing and Hustle DVDs. The service from processing order to delivery was excellent. The delivery of merchandise was so fast that I was surprised. The DVDs permit you to return to where you left off and to rerun without worry of wearing out a videotape. The instruction was very well detailed in technique as well as description of steps. It's a pleasure to watch Ron and Bethana do something so well because they share their excitement and enthusiasm for teaching what they love to do - dance!
Leonard Mayer - Bronx, New York

Great product, Great service.

The Mambo Shines video is wonderful.
I received the video yesterday and I am already working on the first combo.
Thank you for such a rapid delivery.
Gale Sandoval - Napa, California

I am very happy to write to you.
The ordering process was not so hard because I read every condition very slowly, it might have been more difficult if I contact you on the phone. The order arrived today, less than a week and I watched some chapters. The lessons seem very helpful and pictures and sounds are good.
I am very satisfied with your web site, quality of DVD and leadtime. Best regards,
Mahoko Kaji - Tokyo, Japan

Store Rating: Excellent

Awesome, fastest shipping I personally experienced, and the product delivers what it says, and more. Thanks
Miguel Humphreys - West Springfield, Massachusetts

That was an excellent service. Well done!
The DVD's I ordered arrived on the other side of the globe in just 4 days. What a superb service. Plus watching Ron and Bethana dancing Salsa gives me a dream that one day I will be dancing like them. Congratulation to Ron & Bethana; what a great DVD. Keep up the good work. I recommend these DVD's for anyone who wants to learn Salsa. The store and DVD's all rate great. Be proud of what you do. Cheers, Nick
Nick Lazarof - Wellington Point, Australia

Store Rating: Excellent

Shipping was super fast and cheap. Fantastic for overseas customers.
Kevin W. Yee - Christchurch, New Zealand

EXCELLENT service!!!!!
I placed my order on Thursday afternoon and I got my Salsa DVDís on Saturday morning. That was really amazing! Immediately we started watching them and we have found so far that all the movements are very well explained, step by step.
I recommend this company and these DVD's 100% to everyone who has any interest in learning how to dance Salsa. Muchisimas Gracias!!!!
Carlos Giraldo - Randolph, New Jersey

I ordered a DVD and it arrived in the Channel Isles within 3 days!!
(we usually expect 10-15 days) EXCELLENT service +++++++

John Bayford - Channel Isles, United Kingdom

Store Rating: Excellent
Great videos, packed and delivered with care.

Excellent service, if only they were all like this!! Many thanks,
Regards Eddy
A.E.D. Jacotine - Paphos, Cyprus

I received my Advanced Salsa DVD and I'm very satisfied.
It arrived very quickly. I appreciate the seriousness with which you treat your customers. The DVD is very easy to follow and the movements are clearly explained. I will soon be ordering the Mambo Shines DVD so I can
learn your elaborate footwork. Thank you.
Alex Irasque - Montrouge, France

Store Rating: Excellent
I placed my order Friday night, it was shipped out on Saturday and I received it on Monday. I was very impressed with the speed of Artistic Visions' response - I had placed another order with an in-state company the same night and didn't receive it until Tuesday! I definitely recommend this company.
Holly Cramer - Westminster, Colorado

Store Rating: Excellent
Comments: The shipping time was amazing. I received my package quicker than expected. I am very happy with your service. Keep up the good work and good luck in the future. Thanks, Albert
Albert Negron - Lexington, Kentucky

I purchased the Salsa/Mambo video set and it was promptly delivered in a few days. The lessons are excellent. The instructors are top-notch teacher/dancers. The techniques are clearly demonstrated and patterns nicely broken down into manageable segments. (Camera shots showing the teachers from the front and back are invaluable!) Materials covered are interesting & exciting. The advanced levels are quite challenging, but I still enjoyed watching the great demonstrations! (The 'Mambo Shines' number is really cool!) Overall the whole production was professionally done. Keep up the good work!
Sam Luong - San Jose, California

I never thought my fiance Sammy would get close to dancing salsa.
The best thing about having these lessons on DVD is you can do it in the privacy of your own home. You don't have to be embarrassed when you don't get a step and need to rewind a few times (ok, it was like 10 times, lol.) The instructions are so easy to follow since the steps are shown in every angle for both men and women.
A++, I would recommend these Salsa DVDs to anyone.
Marisa & Sammy
Marisa Colon - New York, New York

I am absolutely impressed with your service. I ordered 4 Salsa videos late Saturday afternoon and I received them early Monday morning. These videos are easy to follow, with interesting patterns. This is definitely a good investment.
I look forward to buying the Hustle and Swing videos.
Thanks, Christina
Christina Pantoja - Aurora, New York

I started taking Salsa classes at a local college 6 months ago and I totally love it. I attend salsa clubs 2 to 3 nights a week and I really enjoy meeting and dancing with the beautiful (and extremely friendly) women that flock to these turnouts. Anyways, I take salsa classes every Friday night, but your Salsa DVD is very useful for practicing at home. Especially since it is difficult to remember the steps outside of the dance studio. I wanted to let you know that your DVD (beginner level) is very useful. I'm glad I got it. Especially useful are the features that come with DVD's as opposed to Video. Particularly the REPEAT function and sequence LOOPING. The DVD is straight forward and easy enough to follow. It was a good idea to keep the camera stationary, and the distance from the instructors to the camera is also perfect. The lessons are well organized, and they are carried out in a clear and professional manner.
Andi Szkodzinski - Ontario, Canada

I own many different Salsa dance tapes put out by many different companies but I am very proud to report that the best Salsa tapes I own by far are the four produced by Artistic Visions. These tapes are simply fantastic!
Ron and Bethana Rosario are great teachers who break down the moves to a series of very simple steps that anyone can perform. These Artistic Visions Salsa tapes have transformed my sister and me from novices to experts in a matter of weeks. I highly recommend them to everyone who has any interest in learning this great dance.

Thank you so much for a wonderful product.
Charley Gates - Pittsburgh, PA

Store Rating: Excellent
Comments: Service was excellent. There was a delay in shipping my order, due to factors which were out of Artistic Visions' control, however, they kept me well informed of developments and to compensate for the delay they reduced the purchase price by 25% & paid for the shipping.
Michael Klosevych - Ottawa, Canada

Hi Guys!
I received my Mambo Shines video last night and I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with this purchase! This video is fantastic! The combinations are broken down nicely and I especially loved that you had your back to the camera during certain times, making it so much easier to follow! I can't wait to get the Advanced Salsa video as well! Thanks!
Kristina Ash - Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

I greatly appreciated the Intermediate Salsa Video. I have learned new salsa dance techniques that I wasn't learning in my salsa dance class. The video is easy to follow and I have gained good dance moves that I can use on the dance floor. Now when I go dancing I feel confident about my dance moves and at the same time I look good doing them. My friends see what this video has done for me and now they are excited about ordering a video of their own.
A satisfied customer.
Ana Hernandez - Sacramento, California

Store Rating: Excellent
Videos Ordered: All 4 Salsa Videos
Comments: With this company customer satisfaction is No. 1
I returned a video which I thought was defective. The video was not defective, my VCR was.
Not only did they send me a replacement immediately but also kept answering my emails very promptly. From beginning to end this company kept its professionalism. They were very understanding and caring. Never lost their cool, when in fact, they had done nothing wrong.
They had all the reason in the world to dismiss me as an annoying customer, but they didn't. As for the videos they are some of the best tapes I have seen in the market. The breakdowns of the steps are just right and the instructors Ron and Bethana make you feel as if you are having a private-class with them. I enjoy these videos very much. Needless to say this company gets the highest rating from me.
Abner Rodriguez - Orlando, Florida

The Salsa tapes are the biggest and easiest help. I've never taken dance lessons before but these tapes are very easy to use and go at a pace that can be followed easily. In the future I look forward to getting some of your other instructional videos to expand my social outlook. Thank you again.
Brett Allen - Flowery Branch, Georgia

1000th Customer, huh? * That was a pleasant surprise --
and so were the videos. The Beginner and Intermediate Swing videos are just what I was looking for to learn the basic swing steps and more jazzy turns and passes. I especially like the way you always showed both leader and follower separately from front and back.
Steven Adams - Briarwood, New York
* Steve was our 1000th customer and he won 2 free videos.

Hello, I just ordered both swing and hustle instruction dance tapes.
I already own the Salsa tapes and they are truly awesome.
You are to be congratulated on a fine achievement.
Charley Gates - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I am very pleased with the 4 video salsa set. As a dance instructor, I have found it to be a great resource of ideas. Each step is broken down for the leader and follower. Also great for learning about styling.
Michael Perrello - Gaithersburg, Maryland

The ordering process on your website was VERY easy!! I ordered all 8 tapes for my husband and my 15th anniversary which is this Thursday. This will be our present to each other to learn to dance WELL together. I'm so looking forward to receiving the tapes and learning all the moves!! Have a great day!! :-)
  Lisa Resendez - Metairie, Louisiana

Hi...About three weeks ago I bought the Beginner and Intermediate Salsa videos. I am very happy with them so today I am ordering the Advanced Salsa video and Mambo Shines video. You are doing excellent work, congratulations.
 Joseph Rocchino - Elmhurst, New York

We received the Advanced Salsa video today and we like it as it shows neat new turns to add to our dance.
Jose Ortiz - Sterling, Virginia

The video was exactly as I ordered and lived up to expectations created by the reviews. Delivery time was prompt - packaging good.
Colin Keily - Queensland, Australia

I have ordered from Artistic Visions several times now. Not only are their videos some of the
best on the market, they arrive in less than a week, their shipping costs are among the lowest and they respond to emails in less than a day.
Frank Ennis - Toronto, Canada

I recently ordered all 4 Salsa videos. The video tapes arrived within 3-4 days of placing my order. I am very pleased with the service I received, as well as the product itself.
Mark Jeffers - Lexington, KY

Hello Artistic Visions,

I have bought lots of tapes about Ballroom Dancing and so far your set of 8 videos by Ron and Bethana Rosario is one of the best I have seen. They are superb dancers with excellent body movements and are very effective. These videos were all well put together, not too staged. Because of the good and precise instructions of Ron and Bethana the steps are easy to learn. My wife loved it and I enjoyed watching and copying the smooth moves of Ron and now I can dance better. Keep up the good work and I hope you make more instructional dance videos. Thanks,
Remigio Largo - Glendale, California

So far so good... I ordered the Mambo Shines video and was quite happy with it. Today I am ordering both Hustle & Swing videos. I am sure that I will order more from you all. Also, I think that the ordering process is painless and also quite professional.
George Turner - Washington, D.C.

I purchased your Red Hot Salsa Advanced video and got it today. I've already watched it twice. I think your video is very good for dancers who wish to add new skills. There are numerous steps and moves which are nice for ladies. The sexy female stylings
are very helpful for ladies to learn (like comb). The detail of each action is well performed and easy for the viewer to apply. Also your service is very prompt and the shipping charge is reasonable. Sincerely yours,
Takita Yoshihiko - Tokyo, Japan

Hi you guys, I got the Beginner Salsa video and right away I showed it to my wife and she started
practicing, getting familiar with the steps. I'll buy the next in the next couple days. The video is easy
to follow and an excellent tool for somebody who loves salsa music but doesn't know how to dance
(mi wife.) Later.
Manrique Ramirez - Pasadena, California

Artistic Visions Store - Rating: Excellent

Comments: The ordering process was easy, the delivery of the products was speedy and the price for delivery was great.
Vanessa Ramirez - Ridgewood, New York

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I received your Advanced Salsa video yesterday, and both my husband and I are more than pleased! The material covered in the video was just what we were looking for - great styling, interesting/different patterns, very danceable in a social environment - and the level of breakdown was just right. I was also pleasantly surprised at how efficient your order confirmation process is, as well as how quickly the video arrived. All in all, one of the best investments I've made! Thanks,
Michelle Friedman - Bridgewater, New Jersey

I've just received my Advanced Salsa and Mambo Shines videos; they are wonderful! The advanced dancer knows that dancing is a matter of possibilities, and being able to recognize where they lie is among the challenges we face. The Rosarios, in there relaxed but highly efficient teaching method, let the possibilities easily unfold so that we can incorporate them into our own steps and styles. I'm looking forward to more of their work.
Chan Cunningham - Dallas, Texas

I personally think these videos make it easy to learn, I like how they explain the techniques slow, step by step, plus video prices are reasonable. I look forward to buying the advanced Salsa video to learn the final steps. Thank you.
Ismael Barrera Juarez - Salem, Oregon

I have been taking salsa lessons for the past five weeks. It was hard for me to retain what
I've learned from one week to the other. Your excellent Salsa videos help me practice my steps and get ready for the next steps.
Elba Lozada - Elmhurst, New York

Hi, I just wanted to say how much my wife & I enjoyed viewing both Salsa tapes. We found them perfect for learning and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of Salsa dancing.
Howard Clayton - Auburn, Alabama

I purchased the two instructional Salsa videos and I must compliment both Ron & Bethana for the simple way they demonstrate the steps for Salsa dancing. My goal was to learn to spin the Lady and make it look smooth doing it. I practice and practice until I got the effect I wanted. The videos helped me increase my confidence while out on the dance floor. Again thanks to Ron & Bethana for a job well done.
Ed Carrillo - Spring Valley, New York

I purchased the salsa videos, and they're my favorites... so, now i'm back buying the swing videos...keep up the good work.
James Simmonds - Yonkers, New York

Your videos on teaching salsa and swing are superb!

I've been taking dancing lessons from Bethana & Ron at DanceSport in New York City. I always wished I could take notes that made sense to me or videotape my dance lessons so I could go over them outside the dance studio. Well, here it is! And my friends who've been witnessing my transformation (and hoping it's contagious)
are going to get at least one of the video series for their holiday gifts this season. I hope they'll dance their way into the next millennium & I've been encouraging them to take lessons for themselves.
I think these tapes are just what the doctor ordered to get 'em started. Thanks!

Sincerely yours, George Piligian - New York, New York

Hello Artistic Visions:

I just want to say that I own every Salsa dance video on the market and have a collection of over 180 instructional dance tapes in all styles of dancing from Waltz to Salsa and everything in between. Your Salsa instruction tapes are excellent! I highly recommend them to anyone that is seeking to buy a quality Salsa instructional tape. Had I your tapes in the beginning I doubt if I would have bought as many Salsa tapes as I presently own as your tape is what I had been looking for all the time! I hope that you will continue making more tapes in different dance forms as I will be looking forward to adding them to my collection.
Dave Roberts - University City, Missouri

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